Overwhelmed By History: The New Acropolis Museum

The #Parthenon is a temple dedicated to goddess Athena on the Acropolis. It is the most considerable structure of #Greece and its beautifully decorated sculptures are the highlights of Greek art. The starting of the 19th century was a dark web page in the history of the Parthenon and other Greek monuments. The British ambassador in Athens was Thomas Bruce, also identified as Lord Elgin, and he right away set…Read More

Medical Miracle Kitties

Our City Kitties will want temporary homes when they wait for their forever families in D.C. Are you capable to supply a couch to nap on and a scratching post? Click right here to study about fostering and fill out an application. For example, Hula Girl My Melody has the ability to take away a precise block from the board. The larger grade a character, the far better their capability…Read More